Essential Oils for Yoga:

Take Your Yoga to the Next Level!

Diffuse with a purpose:

Using the oils during your practice will enhance your time on the mat. The oils will help you reach the mental or physical state you want.


Diffuse with a purpose: Use your diffuser and fill it with the oil(s) that will inspire you on your mat.


A few Yoga practice faves are:

- Inspiration: to inspire your practice from inside
- Sacred Frankincense: to uplift the moment
- Ravintsara: for a deep breath
- Highest Potential: to bring out your highest self
- Rose: to increase your frequency

Room Spray 


If you can’t bring a diffuser to class. Make a spray to refresh your mat or yogitoes (yoga lat towel) before practice. Yogitoes is a type of towel for your mat, in case you have no idea what I was talking about. =) Enjoy the aroma each time your nose gets near it.


Mat diffuser spray:  Add 10 drops into a 2 oz. spray bottle.


Choose an oil that will make you smile every time you smell it!


Suggestions from the Premium Starter Kit:
- Stress Away - calming
- Lavender - relaxing
- Raven- energizing
- PanAway - stimulating aroma, relaxing for the muscles


Other suggestions:

- Citrus Fresh - uplifting and calming
- Lemon - uplifting
- Peppermint - uplifting and promotes focus


Breathwork is very important to your practice. Throughout your practice, you are instructed and often reminded to be conscious of your breath.


Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga as it assists you in connecting with the subtle energy within.


Focusing on your breath helps you stay present, allowing you to let go of your past and your future and stay in the moment.


If you enjoy science, you will like diving deeper into what breathwork really means for your body.


Unconscious breathing is controlled by the medulla oblongata in the brain stem, the primitive part of the brain.


Conscious breathing is activated in the cerebral cortex of the brain. As you make your breath conscious, impulses are sent from the cortex to the connecting areas that impact emotions and create a relaxing and balancing effect on your emotions.


Do you ever hear people say Yoga has helped them feel more relaxed, even if it is a physically challenging class? Conscious slow breathing is one of the reasons for this.


Next time you practice, apply your oils to your chest just before your practice and focus on your breath. Notice how you feel. Dilute if you are brand new to oils.




- Raven
- R.C
- Eucalyptus
- Breathe Again roll-on

Yoga and your moods:


Exercising releases endorphins (happy chemicals), your breathwork sends you into a state of relaxation and emotional balance, and your essential oils can also positively affect your mood.


While we need to experience a wide range of emotions, being in a good mood makes us more likely to seek new experiences, be creative, plan ahead, procreate, and adapt to changing conditions.


As you inhale essential oils, the tiny molecules enter the nasal cavity and pass by the olfactory bulb. Your olfactory bulb is a part of your limbic system and therefore your response to an aroma is going to be emotional before it can be rational.


There is a lot of chemistry I could present, but for the sake of saving time, I will just share that each essential oil has a unique chemical makeup. We can take advantage of that and use essential oils to improve our mood,  to feel calmer or more energized, or to reach a deeper state of happiness.


Calming oils and blends from the Premium Starter Kit:

- Frankincense
- Lavender
- Stress Away Blend
- Peace and Calming Blend


Calming oils outside the kit that you must try:

- Cedarwood
- Bergamot
- Vetiver

Happy oils:

- Joy Blend
- Orange


You can use any scent that reminds you of a happy memory. For example, the scent of cinnamon in the Thieves blend may remind you of your favorite memory from fall.

Meditation & Savasana 

Savasana sprays or roll-ons are a great way to “finish” up your practice and move into a quiet space for yoga.


There are many other oils and blends that can help you reach the state of mind you strive for during and at the end of your yoga practice. Choose whatever oil feels appropriate to you. You may want to consider making more than one spray or roll-on so you can choose what you need in the moment. These suggestions will help get you started in exploring.


Provide a calming atmosphere with these oils:

- Peace & Calming blend
- Stress Away blend
- Lavender
- Frankincense


Oils that provide grounding to your body and mind:

- Vetiver
- Grounding blend
- Valor blend


When you hold onto limiting beliefs long enough, they can actually leave tags on your DNA. Release helps us let go of anger and frustration, which often occurs when what we really want hasn’t happened yet.


Oils to help with letting go:

- Release
- Surrender
- Forgiveness

Mat Cleaner/Refresher

The mix of hot yoga studios and repeated sweat on your mat isn’t the best combo to keep things clean and fresh. Keep your mat clean so you can enjoy every practice.


Make a quick mat spray you can use regularly after each practice.


In a 2 oz. spray bottle, add:

- 5 drops Purification
- 5 drops Tea Tree

Fill the bottle with water and shake well before using.

Another great option is to use the Thieves Spray. It is a convenient and portable plant-based essential oil spray ideal for cleaning surfaces. It is the perfect size to throw in your yoga bag.  

Post-flow recovery

I know that you are bound to have sore muscles after an intense yoga practice. Here are some natural options that work to soothe muscles and joints.

PanAway - A blend of essential oils perfect to soothe sore muscles. 

Essential Rewards all-star products: 

Cool Azul Pain Cream - Provides cooling relief from minor muscle and joint aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Formulated with two powerful, synergistic active ingredients methyl salicylate found in Wintergreen and natural menthol found in Peppermint.

Cool Azul Sports Gel - Hydrate your skin with a topical cooling gel.

Deep Relief roll-on - Roll on this cooling blend to muscles and joints for quick on-the-go relief.  

You can also soothe those sore muscles in a hot bath. Add 5 drops of PanAway to 1-2 cups of Epsom Salts for even more release.

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