CBD for First Responders!

As a First Responder, you routinely handle life's toughest challenges!  You need a high quality CBD oil that provides the benefits you want without having to worry about testing positive for THC! 


I know that First Responders are routinely drug tested because I've been there.  I want you to know that I use Young Living's "Nature's Ultra" CBD daily and submit myself to drug testing for THC so I can say with confidence that YOU don't have to worry!

As your CBD distributor, I am committed to ensuring the utmost integrity of your products and will continue to "trust but verify" the purity of the products!



Young Living's "Nature's Ultra CBD" products are tested for THC by Botanacor Services to ensure they are pure CBD and free of THC.

3rd Party Testing for THC!


I am a Gulf War Veteran and retired San Antonio Police Sergeant with extensive experience in Homicide and Internal Affairs investigations.  My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for over 30 years and we have a daughter, Brooke.  Since retiring from the police department in 2018, I established the very first Essential Oil Talk Radio show at KTSA in San Antonio.  The radio broadcast is heard in 99 counties in South Texas over 18 countries around the world.
Before committing myself to becoming a Young Living distributor, I vetted the company's background, production processes, and business practices and found them to be very transparent and "above board."
Jennifer and I have been using and advocating Young Living Essential Oil products since 2012 because of the positive results we have experienced and our knowledge of the company's integrity and dedication to bringing healthy products to consumers for over 25 years.
As of 2018, Jennifer and I have reached the top 1% of Young Living distributors and have built a fantastic team of people who want to help others and build a home-based business.


I take being a CBD and Essential Oil distributor very seriously because the quality and purity of the oils make a huge difference in their effects on the mind and body.  Plants grown using toxic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and so on can negatively impact the final product...which can lead to additional health problems!
By putting my name and reputation behind Young Living's products, you can rest assured that I not only use their products every day, but I have also vetted the company as thoroughly as I possibly can and will continue to do so. 


My Top Picks Include:

  • 500mg Citrus CBD Oil - Retail $99.95 (my price is just $89.95!)

  • 500mg Cinnamon CBD Oil - Retail $99.95 (my price is just $89.95!)

  • 300mg Joint & Muscle Balm - Retail $89.95 (my price is just $79.95!)

  • 300mg Calm Roll On - Retail $69.95 (my price is just $59.95!)

DON'T PAY RETAIL PRICE!  Let me help you save money by contacting me directly via text or phone call 210-887-8880!

 Or you can email me directly at marc@eotalkradio.com


As a retired police officer, I understand the need for extra income!
The business of CBD is expanding very quickly due to media exposure, CBD's wide range of uses and the recent changes to State and Federal laws.
If you would like to learn more about becoming a CBD distributor for the world's largest CBD company, contact me today!
 Or you can email me directly at marc@eotalkradio.com

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