NingXia Red

A Powerful, Flavorful Super-fruit Drink!

Everyone is saying that you should eat a diet high in antioxidants. Here's Marc & Nikki's pro tip that will make getting your antioxidants the easiest thing you do ALL DAY. 

The NingXia Wolfberry is also a complex carbohydrate, which means your blood sugar will rise slowly, reducing the risk of a sugar crash afterward. This is one reason why this energy drink is a much better alternative than conventional gas station energy drinks that are filled with sugar and catapult you into a sugar high and post-sugar crash. 

Add a daily shot of NingXia Red® to your diet to enjoy the benefits of this powerful, whole-body supplement. This sweet and tangy drink’s formula includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health benefits. Also featuring plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts, Young Living’s NingXia Red is packed with superfoods to support overall wellness.

In addition to these antioxidant ingredients, NingXia Red’s formula includes pure vanilla extract and Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils for a great-tasting, healthy treat.

Young Living NingXia Red benefits include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. A daily shot of 2–4 ounces helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants.

Halal and Kosher certified.

To get started and SAVE BIG, we recommend purchasing Young Living's NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit (NR PSK). 

That means you can create a membership, get all the membership perks, and be fully stocked on NingXia Red for a few months. 

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As a member, you also get special access to Essential Rewards and discounted ER kits. I highly recommend checking the Essential Rewards box and having your NR PSK be your first Essential Rewards order so you can get the FREE BONUS oil and $10 back in ER points. 

You only get to put in one Essential Rewards order a month of at least 50 PV. On your ER orders, you will get 10% back in ER points in months 1-3, 20% back in months 4-24, and 25% back in months 25+...that's amazing!

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Each month after that, you can start replacing your home products, trying new essential oils, or restocking on NingXia Red or supplements. 

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Here's what's inside the NingXia Red Starter Kit:


The NingXia Red Starter kit is $170 (100 PV): 

  • Membership included

  • NingXia Red 2-pack (25 oz bottles)

  • 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.)

  • NingXia Nitro

  • Stress Away™ 5-ml

  • 1 AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment

  • Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample

  • 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samples

  • Product Guide and Product Price List

  • Essential Oil Magazine

  • Essential Edge

  • Member Resources


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I can't wait to hear how this superfood drink is making you feel! 

 Have questions?  Contact Marc or Nikki via email directly.