Show #50 - Thieves Story, CBD vs Opioids, and Pesticides in Hemp

On today's show: - Nikki gives the backstory on the famous "Thieves" essential oil blend; - CBD showing great promise vs. Opioid use; and - High levels of pesticides are being found in hemp crops!

Brand new study compares CBD to opioids for treating chronic pain.

· Results of an 8 week study published in October of 2019 in the Journal Postgraduate Medical & Hospital Practice.

· Study shows promise that CBD could significantly reduce opioid use and improve chronic pain and sleep quality for folks using opioids.

· We all know that opioids have really bad side effects but folks who are desperate for pain relief often find themselves with little choice than to take these dangerous pain meds.

· This study followed 97 patients between the ages of 30 and 65 years old who had been on opioids for at least 1 yr.

· 53% of the patients reduced or eliminated their opioids during the study period.

· 94% indicated a “quality of life” improvement.

· Real hope for folks suffering from chronic pain.

High levels of pesticides are being found in Hemp crops!

· According to Kristin Nevedal, Director of Americans for Safe Access, Pesticide thresholds for cannabis have not yet been established at the state or federal level.

· The EPA sets pesticide standards and tolerance levels nationally.

· Each state has the ability to narrow the list down, they can’t make broader exemptions than the EPA.

· Pesticides such as Eagle 20, Avid, which are being used by cannabis growers should really ALWAYS be avoided because they are pretty toxic products.

· Certain pesticides that leave a residue on the surface on the plant make it likely that you could concentrate it through an extraction process…where it ends up in the final product.

· Doing things that properly prepare the soil for the growth season go a long way toward protecting the plant naturally.

o Young Living’s Nature’s Ultra hemp farm, for example, invests the time and expertise into preparing the soil…they adhere to strict organic standards and they do NOT use toxic pesticides at any point during the entire process.

o Recently, I went to a Young Living educational event about their farming practices and was amazed at their level of commitment to organic farming practices.

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