Holiday Room Spray and Gift Set

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Christmas Cheer Room Spray

4oz glass bottle

Fill half with distilled or filtered water

Fill half with witch hazel

Leave room for your oils or just add them first, which is what I learned to do.

Add 15 drops of Christmas Spirit blend

And 15 drops of thieves blend…

It smells amazing and has a lot of benefits to our health…

For the second blend use the same recipe just change the oils..

Home for the Holidays Room Spray

10 drops orange essential oil

10 drops of clove

10 drops of cinnamon

It too smells amazing.

So when giving this as a gift, add an ornament to it that has fabric on it. It can be store bought or one you make.. like the cinnamon and cloth tree ornament

…. Dollar tree has some super cute felt ornaments for a dollar…

These gifts are budget friendly and as the survey says… more people like hand made rather than store bought…

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