DIY Spray Deodorant

Spray deodorant? Say What!!! That’s how I felt when I stumbled upon this recipe.

It’s super simple and it totally works. And..... it’s not loaded in harsh chemicals so... you gotta try it!

In a 2oz spray bottle, add 2 parts distilled water and 1 part witch hazel

*witch hazel is said to balances your PH…

Add any Essential Oil of your choice. I used lavender and tea tree.. 5 drops each…

shake to mix ingredients, and spray away!

You can tweak it by adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar *really helps with BO and is said to be an antiseptic……Google that. OR 2 tablespoons of baking soda *this really helps with moisture… but not both… when using baking soda make sure it is completely dissolved….. some people are sensitive to baking soda…. I just thought I’d throw that in.

You can also put this in a roller-ball bottle. This makes for easy travel.