CBD and Essential Oil Talk Radio Show Notes – Show #11

Marc & Nikki talk about their personal experiences using essential oils with their pets and discuss finding out that the herbicide, Glyphosate, is commonly found in cotton!

Toxicity in the home

o Glyphosate – from a class of chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors” and are known to be toxic in human cell lines.

o Does anyone really believe that consuming herbicides is a good thing to do?

o Found in everyday feminine hygiene products made with cotton – I want to thank Erika Slayton for bringing this up.

§ I have a 12-year-old daughter

o Zyto scan – glyphosate came up but the woman consumes organic foods and stays clear of products containing glyphosate.

§ Realized that non-organic, cotton feminine hygiene products commonly contain glyphosate.

§ Glyphosate is used big time in the cotton industry.

§ Clothes, sheets, cotton products such as the feminine hygiene ones our daughters are using.

Marc – Dangers of Allergy Medicine for Your Brain

· Some allergy medicines can harm brain health and increase the risk of dementia.

· One antihistamine medication used to treat allergy and cold symptoms such as sneezing and watery eyes, also blocks one of our neurotransmitters called Acetylcholine that is important for brain functions including learning and memory.

· Short term effects can include dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, blurred vision, constipation, and low blood pressure.

· What I do for itchy/watery eyes:

o Lavender essential oil

Fevers – Facts vs. Myths according to an article by the Children’s Hospital Colorado

· Myth – All fevers are bad

· Fact – Fevers turn on the body’s immune system and help it fight infection. Normal fevers between 100 and 104 are good for sick children.

· Myth – Fevers above 104 are dangerous and can cause brain damage.

· Fact – Fevers with infections don’t cause brain damage. Only temperatures above 108 degrees can cause brain damage.

o It’s very rare for the body’s temperature to climb this high.

o It only happens if the air temperature is very high, such as a child being left in a closed car during hot weather.

o Police calls for this…

· Myth – Anyone can have a seizure triggered by a fever.

· Fact – Only 4% of children can have a seizure with a fever.

· Myth – If you can’t break a fever, the cause is serious.

· Fact – Fevers that don’t come down to normal can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Taking fever reducing medication tells us nothing about the cause.

· Myth – Without treatment, fevers will keep going higher.

· Fact – Wrong! The brain knows when the body is too hot. Fevers rarely go to 106 degrees…which are still categorized as harmless.

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