CBD and Essential Oil Talk Radio Show Notes – Show #10

Today's show is all about female hormone health with our special guest, Erika Slayton!

Top 3 essential oils to keep on hand:

o My list of favorite essential oils is always changing but there are a few absolute “must have” oils:

o Peppermint: Amazing for so many reason: Digestive support, tackling head tension and as a driver oil for other oils.

o Lavender: Itchy/watery eyes, sleep, and minor burns.

o Peace & Calming: Calming, restlessness in my hip.

· What essential oils do you need?

o Your body's preference for essential oils can vary widely depending on your mood and current state of health. For my clients, I recommend getting a Zyto Balance scan so we can see what's going on in your body and match the right essential oils for the job.

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